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Cognitive Cryptography is a non-profit organization. The organization's objective is to promote, directly or indirectly, free software, network neutrality, respect for privacy, security and confidentiality of correspondence and anonymity on the Internet. The organization also aims to give to everyone an access to a shared hosting offer based on open source software. Finally, the organization wants to promote new technologies and the development of the Internet.

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Cubox is the President. Takes care of all the legal stuff. While we are busy playing (frequent) or working on the projects (less frequent), he calls the bank and insults French administration's people for us.



Only working on February mondays, he came from star dust about 3 billions years ago. Taking care of CCrypto's social media accounts, he ensure CCrypto stays cool and fresh. And that's badass.

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If you need help with CCrypto's services, you can chat with us on our IRC channel:
with this web IRC client, #ccrypto on

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